By “rewarding,” we mean knowing the most effective way(s) to spend your time this week, knowing whether your help is helping, feeling in charge, seeing regular victories, only being asked to make big commitments when there’s a high probability of success.

By “habitual,” we mean something that charges you up and inspires you to make it an integral part of your daily or weekly life.

The importance of winning

Sometimes just putting our energy into things that matter is enough, whether or not it “works.” But most of us get way more satisfaction when our efforts change or improve something, and when we believe that it’s a crucial piece of completing a small puzzle.

At threshold, we call those small puzzles campaigns. We enable a unique way of assembling puzzles successfully, and we also collect the small puzzles and their builders and channel them into movements, working towards our overall goal of engaging 12 million Americans.

Why 12 million?

Our work is informed and inspired by research that shows it takes the sustained engagement of just 3.5 percent of the population to guarantee the victory of any non-violent social movement. In the United States, that’s about 12 million people.